CNC Prototype parts:

National CNC has the capacity to produce high quality prototypes for a variety of Industrial Engineering Application such as Medical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, and Agricultural etc. Partnering with the ISO 9001 registered companies from China, and India, we aim to make prototyping easily accessible to the customers around the world. National CNC specializes in short run and prototype production of both metal and plastic products.

What we need?

National CNC has a very convenient way of dealing with the customers. We accept part drawings in several digital formats such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, STEP, .pdf, and .dxf. The highly experienced CNC workforce is capable of turning any kind of CAD design into a completely functional prototype.

Lead time:

Usually lead time of 2 to 3 weeks.

Material grades:
Plastics S/S Aluminium Steel Others
ABS 17-4 PH 2024 1018 Titanium
Acetal SS 201 5052 4130
Bakelite SS 202 5082 4140
HDPE SS 301 5083 Alloy Steel
High Density PP SS 303 5251 Mild Steel
LDPE SS 304 L 6061 Tool Steel
Nylon SS 310 S 6082
PA66/PA6 SS 316 L 7075
PC SS 321
PE SS 630